How to insert a checkbox in word in 2 ways


Microsoft Word 2013 has a rather large library of symbols lượt thích the square root symbol that you can insert into a document, and the kiểm tra mark is one of the symbols that is available.

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The kiểm tra mark symbol is part of the Wingdings font, and behaves similarly lớn any other letter or number that you might include in your document.

Since the check mark is a normal character as far as Word is concerned you can customize it in a variety of ways, making it more flexible than adding a picture of a kiểm tra mark to your document instead.

Our tutorial will show you how to insert a checkmark into a Word document, as well as how lớn change its appearance, or copy & paste the check mark into a different location within the document.

How to lớn Make a kiểm tra Mark in Word 2013

Open the document.Choose where to put the check mark.Select Insert.Click Symbols, then More Symbols.Choose the Wingdings font.Click the kiểm tra mark symbol.

Our guide continues below with additional information & pictures for these steps.

How to địa chỉ cửa hàng a check Mark to a Document in Word 2013 (Guide with Pictures)

The steps in this article will show you how lớn locate và insert a kiểm tra mark symbol into a document. The check mark is a symbol that is included with Word 2013 by default, so any computer that has a copy of Microsoft Word 2013 installed should be able to lớn follow these steps to put a kiểm tra mark into a document.

Step 1: xuất hiện the document in Word 2013.

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Step 2: Click in the document at the point where you wish to lớn insert the kiểm tra mark.


Once you have finished adding kiểm tra marks to your document, you can click the Close button on the Symbol window. Cảnh báo that you can select a kiểm tra mark in your document và copy và paste it the same way that you would copy or paste any other text.

Additional Tips

If you select the kiểm tra mark in your document, you can make it smaller or larger by adjusting the fonts size. You can also adjust the color, too.Instead of using the copy và paste commands on the right-click menu or in the ribbon, you can also copy a selection by pressing Ctrl + C on your keyboard, and paste by pressing Ctrl + V on your keyboard.You can use the same method if you need khổng lồ insert a kiểm tra mark into an Excel spreadsheet as well.

Learn how lớn remove formatting from a Word document if you have copied & pasted information into your document, and manually changing each formatting option seems impractical.

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