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Year 4 is just around the corner, and there’s never been a better time to get into Rainbow Six Siege. We are making entering the community easier than ever with price reductions arriving khổng lồ the digital và retail versions of Rainbow Six Siege for 2019. With these changes, we will also be updating the cost & availability of DLC operators per version for both new và existing players.

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Starter Edition Upgrades to lớn Base Game

On February 12, we will be removing the PC Starter Edition, và creating a new entry base trò chơi at $19.99/19.99€. This new PC standard version, simply called Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, will be available at digital retailers . This new base version improves the former Starter Edition progression system, which converts unlocking Operators lớn the original base trò chơi rate – saving players up to lớn 150 hours of gameplay to get the Operators of their choice.

For our active community, all current Starter Edition owners will be granted an automatic upgrade lớn the new base trò chơi transforming your experience of Rainbow Six Siege. Starter Edition players will now unlock Operators at a normal pace, following the original game’s Renown cost. All progression and content previously unlocked will be carried over.

Price Reductions for Premium Editions and Addition of DLC Operators

We are upgrading the content of all our premium editions and dropping the price of those editions across the board. Our new Deluxe Edition will instantly expand your starting roster by integrating the base game and the eight Year 1 Operators. The Gold Edition will offer the Deluxe nội dung plus the Year 4 Pass, which includes instant & early VIP access lớn all eight Year 4 Operators, 600 R6 Credits, 10% cửa hàng discount, and more. Finally, the Ultimate Edition, replacing the former Complete Edition, will get you instant access to all the DLC Operators from Years 1, 2, 3, available khổng lồ date, as well as the Year 4 Pass.


Introductory Sale

To celebrate the launch of Year 4 và these new editions of Rainbow Six Siege, all versions of the trò chơi will have an introductory discount for up khổng lồ 60% for a limited time.

Reintroducing Progression for Legacy Operators

For new players and Starter Edition owners who have been upgraded to the base game, they will see the return of the progression system for unlocking the original 20 Legacy Operators. Legacy Operators will cost 500, 1000, 1500, and 2000 Renown based on how many Operators from a specific CTU you have unlocked.

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DLC Operator Price Reduction in Year 4

As our Operator roster continues lớn expand & grow, we will be making it easier for players khổng lồ unlock the DLC Operators of their choice. In 2019, we will implement a scaling DLC Operator pricing system. Older DLC Operators will be less expensive and more easily unlocked. More info will be revealed at the Six Invitational!

For more details on all of this, please be sure lớn visit our FAQ page or the Store.

Year 4 Edition Details

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

The new base PC edition will now have an everyday price of 19.99€, with an improved progression compared khổng lồ the previous Starter Edition, returning to lớn the original base trò chơi system.

Deluxe Edition

Players who purchase the Deluxe Edition will acquire the new base edition và an instant roster expansion that includes all Year 1 Operators: Buck, Frost, Blackbeard, Valkyrie, Caveira, Capitão, Hibana, Echo.

Gold Edition

The Gold Edition provides all the benefits of the Deluxe Edition plus the Year 4 Pass, which grants early access lớn all 8 Year 4 Operators. Click here to discover all the benefits of the Year 4 Pass.

Ultimate Edition

The Ultimate Edition unlocks all DLC Operators in-game through the kết thúc of Year 3, as well as the benefits of the Year 4 Pass (Operators included). This version grants access to lớn every DLC Operator: Buck, Frost, Blackbeard, Valkyrie, Caveira, Capitão, Hibana, Echo, Mira, Jackal, Ela, Zofia, Ying, Lesion, Dokkaebi, Vigil, Lion, Finka, Maestro, Alibi, Maverick, Clash, Nomad, Kaid, plus all Year 4 Operators when they release. Click here to discover all the benefits of the Year 4 Pass.