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Translation Today is a biannual refereed journal published by the National Translation Mission, Central Institute of Indian Languages. Launched in 2004, this journal is available in print and electronic formats. This journal is a thành viên of Crossref. It is indexed in several databases and included in UGC CARE List. Translation Today supports academic integrity & uses Ouriginal lớn detect Text-matching & plagiarism for contents published in it.

Aims và scope

Translation Today (TT) aims to contribute lớn » theoretical & applied research in Translation, Interpretation & Adaptation » the expansion of the field of Translation Studies, Interpreting Studies và Adaptation Studies, Comparative Literature » the development of technical terminologies, localization & machine-aided translation systems » reviews of the latest academic publications such as books, manuals & reports. » dissemination of knowledge about new developments in the field » understanding of role of translation in language, culture và society. This journal publishes full-length articles, research papers, reports, academic interviews, book reviews, disciplinary dialogues và annotated bibliographies in all areas relevant to Translation, Interpretation & Adaptation.

Form and focus

The access lớn the journal is available through online & print subscriptions. The online issues are available for direct không tính tiền access while the print issues are available through subscription only. Please visit the subscription page for details. The journal solicits original & unpublished works focusing issues in the following and related areas: Translation, Interpretation, Adaptation, Comparative Literature, Translation Studies, Interpreting Studies, Adaptation Studies, Transliteration, Transcription, Translation tools, technical terminologies, Localization, Translation memory, Translation softwares, Machine translation, Translation trainings, Translation courses, Translation tests & evaluations, Simultaneous interpretation, Sequential interpretation, Film adaptation, Literary adaptation, Cultural translation, Semiotics, và Term banks.

Open-access statement

Translation Today (TT) is an open-access journal. It is licensed under creative commons & it fully complies with the definition of mở cửa access stated in the declaration of the Budapest xuất hiện Access Initiative (BOAI). Accordingly, any individual/ institution can access the contents published by the journal without any fee. For the purpose of knowledge dissemination và in a manner defined as legal, the users can read, download, share, search, index, archive, and links the academic contents of this journal without seeking special permission.

Journal metrics & indexing

Translation Today publishes two issues every year with ISSN 0972-8740 và e-ISSN 0972-8090. This journal is included in the UGC CARE list. Translation Today is also a thành viên of Crossref and has the following DOI number: doi 10.46623/tt. Translation Today is indexed in the database of the following: UGC CARE List, Crossref, MLA International Bibliography, MIAR, Directory of Research Journal Index (DRJI), ABCD, Translation Studies Bibliography (TSB) of John Benjamins publishing company, International Scientific Indexing (ISI) and ERIH PLUS.

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