Kim Tae Hee is considered one of the most popular South Korean actresses in recent times. As a matter of fact, the 41-year-old star is referred to as one of “The Troika,” alongside Jun Ju Hyun and song Hye Kyo.

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Not only is she considered as one of South Korea’s most beautiful women but Kim Tae Hee is also known for her excellent portrayal in a number of K-dramas lượt thích Hi Bye, Mama!, Yong-pal, My Princess, Iris, Love Story in Harvard, & Stairway lớn Heaven.

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Being named as one of the đứng top South Korean actresses of her generation, many fans are wondering how rich Kim Tae Hee is. What is her net worth? Keep on reading lớn know more details.


Kim Tae Hee’s Net Worth In 2021 Revealed

According to lớn Celebrity Net Worth, Kim Tae Hee has an estimated net worth of $16 million as of 2021. It comes as no surprise though since Tae Hee has also been gaining more attention overseas lately.

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Following the success of IrisMy Princess, Kim Tae Hee was tapped khổng lồ star in her first Japanese television drama series called Boki khổng lồ Star no 99 Nichi in 2011. Tae Hee portrayed a Korean Wave superstar who met an ordinary Japanese security guard và fell in love with him later on.

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Things started well with the said Japanese drama as it did well in the rating trò chơi at the time, launching Kim Tae Hee into a household name in the country. However, the South Korean actress received criticisms from some Japanese audience for allegedly promoting the claim of South Korea in the Liancourt Rocks dispute during her trip to Switzerland in 2015.

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After her bittersweet career launch in Japan, Kim Tae Hee starred in her first-ever historical drama titled Jang Ok Jung, Living By Love as a royal concubine named Hui Bin Jang. The said show did not only get high ratings because Kim also won a đứng top Excellence Acting award from the Korea Drama Awards at the time.


As of this writing, Kim Tae Hee is included in the top 10 Richest South Korean Actresses in 2021. Lee Young Ae dominated the chart with $52 million net worth, followed by tuy vậy Hye Kyo ($37 million), Go Hyung Jung ($34 million), and IU ($31 million).

Other female K-drama stars who made it to lớn the Richest South Korean Actresses danh sách include Suzy Bae ($30 million), Jun Ji Hyun ($28 million), cho Ji Woo ($27.5 million), Kim Tae Hee ($25 million), Han Ji Min ($21 million) và Kim Yoo Jung ($16 million). Kim Tae Hee is also richer than Kim So Yeon ($10 million), Shin Min Ah ($1 million), Han So Hee ($1 million), và Jeon Mi vì chưng ($43,200).

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Kim Tae Hee Has An Unrivaled Beauty During Her High School Days

Meanwhile, Wowkeren reported that Kim Tae Hee was considered the most beautiful student during her high school days at Seoul National University. It was claimed that a significant number of male students enrolled in the said academic institution just to lớn see her.

Kim Tae Hee reportedly gained so much popularity as she does not only impress people with her good looks but also with her intelligence. South Korean actress Honey Lee previously revealed that: