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As you know that Google drive is the most prominent và widely used cloud backup service worldwide. If you’re an avid GDrive user then you would know that when you share a tệp tin in google drive the user is taken to a page where they first have to tải về the file. Along with it& users need to have fast vps speed to download it. There are times when server speed is quite slow.

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In this situation what can we vị to perform the task?

We can upload the URL of the tệp tin to Google drive. But the question is how to vị it?

Table of Contents

Part 1

Part 1: What & Why Remote Upload khổng lồ Google Drive?

Before explaining that what is GDrive remote upload & why you should use it? You will be amazed by hearing that with it you don’t need to download the files from web Page to local strange first.

The remoting mechanism upload trang web files khổng lồ Google Drive from URL/web address and you can download it directly from Google drive. Although you can directly save web files to lớn Google Drive& you can’t do it only with Google Drive. However& khổng lồ remote upload your files you always must rely on third tiệc nhỏ programs.

Now answering the question of why we should opt it? If you want to lớn save yourself from all the hassle of uploading and downloading the file & wasting the bandwidth and your precious time& then you must use a remote upload technique.

So here you go with three-way lớn remote upload google drive from the only URL.

Part 2

Part 2: How khổng lồ Remote Upload khổng lồ Google Drive from URL?

2.1 By using Copy URL khổng lồ Google Drive

The very first way is to lớn use the Copy URL to lớn Google Drive. You can upload it to Google Drive via URL. But if you’re thinking it is a direct way for uploading any stuff khổng lồ Google Drive& then sadly it is wrong. Because it only works for pages:

Here you go with the step- guide how lớn use it:

Step-1: First go khổng lồ the website of Copy URL lớn Google Drive.

Step-2: Now paste the liên kết and select the target folder that you want to lớn save to và click on the “Save& Copy to Google Drive” button.


Step-3: In the third step& you have to click on the “Save URL khổng lồ Google Drive” button in the new window to finish the task.


2.2 Save to lớn Google- Chrome Extension

As we tải về files from the web to our computers& which becomes hectic for our future data management in our little Hard drives. How about if you could tải về files directly lớn your Google Drive account.

Yes& it is possible. In our list& your second option could be Save lớn Google Drive extension and you can add it to your Chrome through here.

The Save to Google Drive extension is all one solution to save your downloaded files directly to your GDrive account& whether it is about website pages& Google docs or HTML files. Also& if you’ve Google Drive desktop client for Windows or macOS& then saving your files to your local GDrive thư mục and uploading it to your cloud backup of the GDrive trương mục is easier.

Step-1: For saving a downloadable file to your Google Drive account& you’ve to lớn right-click on the liên kết and select the option “Save liên kết to Google Drive” from the pop-up menu.


Step-2: When you save the tệp tin by using this extension& a dialog box appears asking you khổng lồ allow access khổng lồ the Google extension lớn use the information listed. You’ve lớn click on the “Allow” button khổng lồ proceed.


Step-3: A dialog box of save to lớn google drive will be mở cửa portraying the downloaded tệp tin is added lớn your Google Drive tài khoản either to your My drive location or khổng lồ the thư mục which you’ve prior specified.


Step-4: If you want khổng lồ rename the downloaded file click on the file và select “Rename”.

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Step-5: Click on the apply button lớn save the changes.


Step-6: When you’re done with all your changes then click on the “Close button”.


See your website page file is saved khổng lồ your Google Drive account.


Step-7: After saving và renaming the file. Now the turn is to change the tệp tin location to your preferred one.

Just click on the change liên kết placed on the just right of your file name in the dialogue box. It will mở cửa a tab where you can choose your desired location khổng lồ save your file.


2.3 Offcloud (Freemium)

Just lượt thích a decent online service platform that gives you website solutions Offcloud allows you khổng lồ upload remote files on GDrive. Its services integrate with your Google Drive account and let you upload remote files from within Google Drive. However& Offcloud is a premium service& but it also offers a free quota khổng lồ let users give a try out of its services. In its không lấy phí package& you get 10GB of free remote transfers.

It supports various other services such as Google Drive& Amazon Cloud& Dropbox& Microsoft OneDrive& & FTP.You can always check the progress of the files as they are uploadedFast uploads

Here you go with the step guide on how to lớn use it:

Step-1: Go to lớn your Drive& and go to New > Remote Upload (Offcloud).


Step-2: đầu vào any HTTP& FTP& or BitTorrent links to begin the transfer.


Step-3: Offcloud downloads & uploads data khổng lồ your Drive.


Step-4: Offcloud emails you when the tệp tin is available in your Drive.


How does it work?

Do you know? web servers work a lot lượt thích your personal computer. Also& the backend process is the same. It actually happens when you download the file to your PC& resolve the URL& and save its content. Although& copying a file from one server to another is already an effortless task. But when it’s about a cloud storage service& we all don’t have direct access to pull the file và run the files.

Also& most of the website services support API& which is widely used by web developers to tư vấn more features and functions in the tiện ích or websites for users. The same happens in our cases as well. To upload a tệp tin in Google Drive& most services are doing the following:

Download the tệp tin from the URL.Connect lớn your Google Drive using the API.Upload the file to your drive.


The above-mentioned ways are the most used way to lớn upload Google Drive from URL directly. All three are best on their own. The first one is just a chrome extension& copy URL. By just adding it to lớn your Google chrome you can use it as directed above in the step guide. Whereas the second one Multcloud is the most used third-party application for this operation. It has a lot more than just uploading Google drive-through URL. It is also used khổng lồ perform safe tệp tin sharing& copy files lớn multiple folders& etc. Also& now Multcloud offers you to địa chỉ google chrome extension & set you to use it.

The third one is best at offering huge 10GB of remote transfers absolutely free. So now it’s up khổng lồ you which one suits you the best accordingly.

We hope that our piece has helped you to lớn explore the best possible ways to lớn remotely transfer the GDrive link. Don’t forget to nói qua your feedback in the bình luận box down below. For more technical tư vấn and updates keep visiting our page regularly.