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Công Ƭy ƬƝHH Giầy Chingluh Việt Ɲɑm là doanh nghiệp một thành viên có 100% vốn nước ngoài chuyển động theo cách thức Đầu Ƭư và luật pháp Ɗoɑnh Ɲghiệp . Chuyên chế tạo và giɑ công các loại giày bán thành phẩm , giầy thành phẩm ,túi xách thể thɑo với vật dụng điền khiếp ;xuất khẩu sản phẩm 100%. Người sử dụng : Ɲike

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Hành chính - Văn phòng, Dệt may - Da giầy
Hồ Chí Minh, Long An
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Quantity: 05•Fully responsible for chemical engineering efficiency including Chemical Engineering in Development, Chemical Production và Chemical MM.•Responsible for chemical engineering capability development.Responsibilities•Collaborate with Nike in CE project development.•Study và develop new CE processes.•Handle Production CE, prevent và solve bonding issues.•Enhance CE capability through training and coaching.•Cooperate with milimet team for developing and adopting chemical optimization, modernization initiatives into development and production process.•Act as window liên hệ to Nike CE team in specific project development and to fully catch up with latest information about chemical engineering issues.

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•In this role, you will aid in the development, design, & implementation of future automation equipment. Furthermore, you will become a technical automation expert continuously improving, supporting, and managing current automated operations.•Responsibilities include control systems design & support, component specification, and PLC/HMI/MCU/robotics/vision programming. Siêu thị floor experience with electrical wiring, pneumatic systems, and machine startup/troubleshooting is very desirable. Applicant should have experience in the automation industry & have a Bachelor/Masters Degree in Electronic Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or a related field.
• Improve and audit the operation và maintenance of electricity systems• Collect, analyze, & optimize energy and water consumption• Survey và solve electrical problems• Plan, design, and audit electrical projects• Prepare internal SOPs and kiểm tra local codes
• Ensure MCs organization chart and headcount updated accurately.• Ensure MCs recruitment activities completion on schedule & the efficiency of recruitment activities.• tư vấn to build up clear job description, skillset & specific criteria và individual performance evaluation for all positions in MC.• Ensure the efficiency of training materials & positive impacts of training activities lớn daily operation.• Complete other related tasks assigned by direct supervisor & above.
Job Title và Grade: Vision Engineer II Basic Job Description:-Vision application design và maintain-Machine control software design và maintain-Engineering document management-Project coordination & progress tracking-Support automation project validations-Lead and coach junior engineers và provide on-job training
- Responsible for building cost breakdown to lớn ensure they are on-time and accurately completed.- Responsible for supporting Development with cost estimates and options for achieving targets.- Supporting direct supervisors on collecting right chất lượng information for negotiating hàng hóa costs with customers.- Coordinates costing process, ensuring that communication of key project lists và information is completed.Salary: 6 - 10 million
Job requirement:1. Responsible for accurate, timely PFC generated to lớn BOL at each key development stage.2. Responsible for tech package transferring from development khổng lồ mass production.3. Responsible for technical problem prevention và solving from initial pattern trial lớn FSR.4. Responsible for process standardization, efficiency and optimization.5. Responsible for training, coaching, guiding team for process engineering excellent.6. Responsible for liên hệ window to lớn NIKE PMO about technical matters related to lớn BOL. Responsibilities1. Lead the trial meetings with respective departments; analyze feature on new pattern & tooling construction in order to lớn provide feedback/suggestion to smooth both trials and mass production.2. Plan, run and track sample trials; ensure trials và PFC are aligned; give feedback/suggestion/solutions khổng lồ Development & Engineering team after trials for improvement.3. Through trials, collect result and data to thiết lập standards for process details và equipment conditions including all sub-process, computer stitching and manufacturing tools.4. Building up PFC by making out drawing and standard production flow including description. Tư vấn team thành viên in PFC building up; Ensure PFC và BOL is updated on PCM system; Finalize, track và manage approval process for PFC và BOL. 5. Manage trials for both internal và external hàng hóa transfer process.6. Transfer tech package lớn mass production; tư vấn mass production in problem solving.7. Integrate and set up process & standards of automation equipment.8. Enhance teams technical capability through training and coaching fresh and junior engineers. Collect, analyze and share best practices in pattern making & trial running in order khổng lồ help team learn from experience và prevent problems.9. Find out and facilitate improvement opportunities.Salary: 8 - 15 million