May i help you or could i help you?


“Yes, sir. I can help you with that. Can I just get the order number printed on your invoice?”

There's a problem with a desk that you bought online. You gọi the customer service number and explain your problem. This is the response from the customer support person.

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Yes, sir. I can help you with that. Can I just get the order number printed on your invoice?

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Yes, sir.

When you"re speaking formally & politely, you can say "yes" lớn someone lượt thích this:

Yes, sir.

Yes ma"am.

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"Yes, sir" or "Yes, ma"am" would be appropriate for:

a customer service employee talking khổng lồ a customer

a polite high school student speaking to the principal of his or her school

a polite person speaking to a stranger

Can I just get (some information)?

When you want khổng lồ get some information from a customer, you can ask for it this way:

Can I just get your name và phone number?

Can I just get the last 4 digits of your social security number?

Asking in this way makes your question sound quick and easy to lớn answer.

order number

When you buy something that has to be mailed, emailed,or shipped, you usually get an invoice. An invoice is a document which shows details about your order. It may have various numbers or codes printed on it, including:

an order number, which identifies your orderan invoice number, which identifies the invoice itselfa customer number, which identifies youa tracking code, which you can use to find out where your package is while it"s being sentitem numbers for each of the things that you bought

I can help you with that.

This is a set phrase that ngân hàng tellers, customer service representatives, và other workers that giảm giá khuyến mãi with customers use. When a customer asks for something, và you"re able to vày what they"re asking for, you can respond:

Yes, I can help you with that.

This sounds polite & a littleformal.

(something) is printed on (an) invoice

An "invoice" is a document which records details about a sale. It lists information like:

the business nameeach of the items that were bought or soldthe number và cost of each itemthe total amount of the sale

You can talk about information that"s printed on an invoice: