B to b và b to c


That’s an important question that all business owners & entrepreneurs need lớn ask themselves, so they can make the best decisions for their business. We can help you make that decision (We'll also teach you the B2B meaning).

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We'll walk you through the differences between the B2B business model and B2C or D2C mã sản phẩm (see D2C meaning), the benefits of each, và why you should choose one or the other.

What Is B2B và B2C?

B2B refers to lớn a "business-to-business" company that provides services or products lớn other businesses. B2C refers to a "business-to-consumer" company that sells directly lớn individual consumers. They’re two separate business models that serve different types of customers, one being businesses và the other direct to lớn consumer.

What Is B2B & B2C with Examples

If the idea of B2B & B2C business models seems confusing, here is a simple example lớn help.

Let's say you are a farmer who grows watermelons. You've harvested this year's crop và have 1,000 watermelons lớn sell. You need khổng lồ decide if you'll choose to go the B2B or B2C route.

If you choose the B2B route, you need to lớn find a retailer lớn buy your watermelons wholesale (see what is wholesale). This could be a grocery store, restaurant, or another farmer who needs additional watermelons. You will sell in bulk for a discounted price to lớn another tiệc nhỏ who will then sell those watermelons in some khung to consumers.

If you choose the go B2C, you would instead mix up a farm stand. At this farm stand, you sell watermelons directly to lớn customers as a DTC food business. This requires you lớn spend more of your time selling the watermelons, but you can sell them at a higher price.


B2B vs B2C: Which Is Better?

Neither the B2B nor B2C business model is inherently better, they both have their own pros and cons. Most businesses are better suited for one mã sản phẩm or the other. The mã sản phẩm that best fits your business is determined by your goals, infrastructure, và industry.

If you:

Run a business that makes products en masse & needs warehousing, B2B may be the right choice. This will allow you to lớn participate in bulk shipping & grow relationships with businesses around the globe.


You could choose to lớn offer dropshipping và handle the shipping operations for the businesses you sell to. Profits can be higher, but only if you sell enough product.

If you:

Have smaller batches of products, or sell items with a limited shelf-life, B2C might be the answer. These businesses rely on a higher inventory turnover ratio. Individual items have higher profits, but it takes more work to sell as many products.

Difference Between B2B and B2C

The main difference between B2B và B2C businesses is their intended customers. B2B sells to lớn businesses that resell the products while B2C sells directly lớn the kết thúc consumer.

However, they also tend lớn operate differently and offer chất lượng benefits.


Compare và Contrast B2B and B2C E Commerce

B2B & B2C Ecommerce businesses (see what is e commerce) have many shared qualities, but they also have a number of important differences.

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Here are four of the biggest differences:

Both the B2B & B2C Buying Processes Begin with ...

Both the B2B and B2C buying processes begin with need recognition. This means that, regardless of the business you run, you first have khổng lồ establish what your target customers need.

This can be done through surveys, research, or by looking at B2B sales leads ( see what is B2B sales). If you aren't meeting consumer needs, you can quickly run into issues with a backorder, dead stock (see what is dead stock), or even risk business failure.


B2B vs B2C Buying Process

B2B & B2C consumers behave very differently and their buying processes reflect this.

Here are a few ways they differ:

Buying cycle time. B2B consumers act more slowly and are better informed about their purchases. This is because their purchases are of a much larger quantity và their own business is greatly affected by their purchases. B2C consumers convert more quickly and are often less informed about hàng hóa differences.Parties involved. B2C consumers are individuals or a small group. They can easily communicate their wants và needs & are much easier to build a relationship with as a business. B2B consumers often involve multiple people & teams in their purchasing decisions. Rapport can still be built, but it will take longer and requires more investment by all parties.

B2B or Not B2B, That Is Your Question

Now that you know the main differences between B2B và B2C business models, you can make the right decisions for your business. Remember, both models are capable of providing a business with a large volume of sales & push product.

Your next move should be lớn look at the various inventory control methods available. This will help you keep costs low as you continue khổng lồ grow your business.

Frequently Asked Questions About B2B vs. B2C

Now that you’re familiar with the basic differences between B2B và B2C, you probably have other questions about. Kiểm tra out these common questions and answers below: 

Is Amazon a B2B or B2C?

Amazon is both a business to lớn business (B2B) & business lớn consumer (B2C) company. Given the breadth of products available on Amazon, more and more small businesses turn lớn the trang web for supplies. 

AmazonSupply was replaced by Amazon Business in 2015, which is now the company’s dedicated channel for supporting small businesses. Companies can phối up a store, control their pricing và fulfillment, và reach customers in several ways. Amazon’s B2B channel works well for dozens of industries, from construction & automotive lớn retail and information technology. 

Of course, Amazon is best known for their B2C capacities. Businesses of almost every kind can sell products on Amazon, from shoes and furniture to lớn tech gadgets và food. Amazon Prime is a popular feature offered by the company, which offers không tính phí shipping & other benefits for a low annual fee. 

What is your expertise, B2B or B2C?

The level of expertise a company or marketer will have in B2B or B2C depends on several factors. One, it depends on whether or not a company is reaching businesses or consumers. A company targeting other businesses has a different marketing and sales approach than one targeting customers. 

Two, it depends on the professional background of kinh doanh team members. An employee who spent đôi mươi years in B2B sales has different skills than someone with 10 years of B2C marketing chiến dịch experience. 

The expertise you or your team have in any field depends on your experience, skills, and knowledge. If you’re looking khổng lồ grow your expertise in a given area, it’s helpful lớn consult someone with more experience, or hire them for your team. 

What are disadvantages of B2C?

There are several disadvantages of B2C kinh doanh and operations to be aware of: 

Lower order volume and frequency than B2B ordersDifficult khổng lồ retain customers over timeCompetition is increasingly steep in an already large marketNumerous tech and website requirements that may intimidate newcomersProducts must be noticeably different from others’

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